A Fractional Sales Manager Can Help Manage a Small Sales Force At a Fraction of The Cost in Columbus & Dublin, Ohio

It’s difficult for an entrepreneur to manage a small salesforce. Typically:

·The entrepreneur serves as the sales manager, adding more responsibility to an already overburdened owner.

·No one manages sales, unfortunately, without a manager - teams become complacent and sales begin to fall off.

·The best salesperson is asked to continue to sell and also help manage the sales team. In this case both positions suffer.

·You hire an expensive sales manager who is just too costly and often cannot fill his day.

There is a solution – fractional sales management – a professional who works for you on a fractional basis. Bringing years of experience - having already built: consistent, sustainable, highly motivated sales teams. This manager is able to immediately: set goals, build strategy, and execute.

No rules say a sales manager must work forty hours. A fractional sales manager divides his time between multiple, non-competing businesses – spending a portion of their time with each. By sharing the cost with other companies you get experienced, talented, sales management at a “fraction” of the cost!

We welcome you to contact Heinmiller Consulting Services to help you remove this obstacle that so many businesses face.