Heinmiller Consulting Has Decades of Experience Training & Coaching Sales People to Have Long Term Success at Networking in Columbus & Dublin, Ohio

Go to an event, collect business cards, take them home, and toss them on your desk. Next week go to another event and never follow-up on the cards you already collected. Get on social media, make a connection, feel good about it but never do any further follow-up. If this is how you currently network, I encourage you to change your behavior, become pro-active, and make your networking activities productive. The purpose of networking in person or on-line is to begin a relationship with your future customers.

There is a new business reality today, the availability of quality information through digital channels has made it far easier for buyers to gather information independently, meaning sellers have less access and fewer opportunities to influence customer decisions. When you meet someone through networking you have put yourself a step ahead of the crowd – don’t miss this opportunity. After all, the goal of attending events is to increase sales and revenue for your company by turning the prospects you met into customers.

Persistence is key if you want the opportunity to move forward today, experts insist it takes 5-7 touches to get a meeting. Following-up with your prospect allows you to be persistent in a productive way. Everyone is busy and it is likely that after the event, you and your client returned to your regular daily activities, forgetting the topics you discussed in the booth. By contacting the individual after an event, you are keeping the topics you discussed on the top of their mind.

Following-up shows that you care about your client’s needs, and want to serve in the best possible way. It also allows you to review points from the event and gather any information that you missed. It’s tough to gather everything you need in a booth. At the end of the day, events are about creating opportunities and forming new relationships, following-up with these new contacts is key, it ensure that your relationships are solidly established.