Are You Missing A Sales Manager?

Fractional Sales Manager in Dublin, Ohio Could Be Your Solution

It’s an accepted truth no product or service sells itself. All sales require some type of active outreach. The type of outreach can vary but the fact remains every company must effectively manage sales if they hope to survive. This can be overwhelming fact for business owners who have not reached the revenue stream that would support hiring a full-time sales manager.

Small business leaders can be overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks to keep the company functioning. This makes it very difficult for the entrepreneur to also be the sales manager, particularly if they have no previous sales management experience.

Hiring the full-time sales manager presents challenges – the first being the cost and the second how to find the right one. On boarding and getting the new rep up to speed can also be a challenge. The final challenge is that for teams of three or less salespeople, there is not enough management responsibility to keep this new manager fully occupied.

Working with a fractional or interim sales manager can solve these problems. The sales leaders have the experience needed to grow small businesses, while paying for only the level of management needed. Thus, avoiding the cost of a full-time hire. Their mission is clear from day one – grow revenue!.

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