Tom Heinmiller
Founder and Coach

Tom Heinmiller is a sales coach. Tom works with motivated sales reps, executives, and ambitious entrepreneurs to help them drive hungry prospects into the pipeline; by mastering the art of relationships, value-added selling, and effective use of online tools. He passionately wants to help entrepreneurs grow to the next level of performance.

Tom is the author of several internal training programs on target marketing and territory penetration for NCR, Boeing, GE, and IBM.

These programs emphasized opening territories, growing champions, and building long-term relationships for companies by building sales and leadership skills. These skills are the combined into a program designed to attract new business.

In his role as coach, he helps his clients increase their confidence, credibility, and influence; by learning to engage their target market with empathy and moving them to action. Tom also has over 20 years of experience in helping individuals discover their “limiting” beliefs. Those beliefs that are holding them back. Tom’s mission is to motivate these business professionals to create a new vision. By facilitating the strengths, they already have, focusing them on the fun of consistent performance and as a result, surpassing all previous performance.

A graduate Franklin University in industrial management, Tom has been on the board of directors of several small to medium-size companies and non-profits. He has also been an active volunteer for: hospice, Habitat for Humanity, and OSU Hospital. Tom is an avid Yoga participant, an active member of Vineyard Church, and the proud father of three children, three stepchildren, eight grandchildren and a great-grandson. He and his wife currently reside in downtown Dublin, Ohio, where they just love sitting on the porch and watching their neighbors walking by to the corner ice cream store. Loving life, keeping it in balance and serving others is important to Tom.